Matt York Gemtla Used
8. June 2022 By Walter Price 0


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Matt York Gemtla Used

by Walter Price

Matt York covers a lot of confident ground on his latest, most sprawling album to date, “Gently Used”. Chockful of Red Dirt, hallowed folk, and good ole fashioned storytelling, this is the Boston-based songwriter’s most ambitious offering in an already solidly winding career.

In a press blurb shared with the GTC, York confides, “This album has a bit of a back story. I’d basically finished an album’s worth of material the week the pandemic shut down life. During the beginning of the pandemic, I had a ton of free time and wrote a lot more songs. I also realized that basically, all touring bands were at home, so I reached out to some of my favorite musicians to see if they’d be willing to do some session work. I played guitar and did all the vocals on all of the songs.”

Speaking of the musicians that contributed; Joshua Hedley, Taylor Hollingsworth, Tim Dinneen, Spencer Cullum Jr., and Dillon Warnek all lent talent to this pandemic era opus. And no matter if you’re already a fan of York’s open book songwriting or you’re new to his journey, you’ll find tracks like the sawdust floor swing of opener “If You Want Love”, the Kris Kristofferson vibes of “Let’s Try Failure” or Ray Wylie Hubbard-style of the title track “Gently Used” all to your liking. But these songs are just a small example of the authenticity throughout this 11-track LP worth getting into.

You can do just that, get into “Gently Used”, in full, here at the GTC.

MATT YORK Gently Used

Artist photo via Facebook // Quote courtesy of Matt York

Produced at Bitch Kitty Studios in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.
Produced and engineered by Thomas Wenzl
Mastered at Sage Audio in Nashville, TN

Matt York
Joshua Hedley
Taylor Hollingsworth
Tim Dinneen
Spencer Cullum Jr.
Dillon Warnek

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If you didn’t know any better, it wouldn’t be off-base to assume this album came straight out of East Nashville’s burgeoning Americana scene. Featuring fiddle work from Joshua Hedley, Spencer Cullum, Jr. on pedal steel, guitars by Taylor Hollingsworth, piano by Dillon Warnek, and drums by Tim Dineen, Gently Used bears all the hallmarks of masters at work — a timeless Americana listening experience crafted at the crossroads of York’s songcraft and his ace studio band lending their own flourishes.” – bio

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