Happy Fits Dance Alone
7. June 2022 By Walter Price 0

…hands are shaking, THE HAPPY FITS Dance Alone

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Happy Fits Dance Alone

by Walter Price

The recent single “Dance Alone” from NYC pop-rockers The Happy Fits has a real bop-along vibe sewn into its DNA. A track that balances anxiety with overwhelming confident energy, this single will find fans of Bleachers and/or Steel Train groovin’ in no time.

The trio’s Ross Monteith explains, “It’s easy to say exactly what you want to someone in your mind but feelings can be a lot harder to express when you are face to face with them in reality. This song is one example of my inner dialogue when faced with that exact situation; a love song riddled with self-doubt.”

Hands are shaking. I’m okay.
Got this feeling I’m just miles away.
Heart is racing; You’re to blame.
I can’t seem to find the words to say.
I will never understand
How no one was there to hold your hand

Now, I’m gonna lose a chance.
I just wanna ask you for this dance

To add more flavor to this already indelible song, the music video, starring the undeniable Lindsee Ann, is a social media smash. Ann, alone, briefly, in a super sweet pad, with unrestrained enthusiasm dances the night away just before the scene changes, and the place is packed to the gills with merrymakers. It’s an absolute hoot.

You can Stream “Dance Alone” as well as see its music video, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Bandcamp // Quotes courtesy of Big Hassle PR

Calvin Langman
Ross Monteith
Luke Davis
Beats and produced by Ayad al Adhamy

Producer – Lucas Alvarado-Farrar
Director – Rahil Ashruff
Director of Photography – Chris Ungo
Choreographer – Umaara Elliott

Lindsee Ann
Kevin Perry

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It felt so good to put into words how those many, many lonely nights in quarantine were spent, wishing to be back out on the streets dancing without a care.” – Calvin Langman

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