Self Made Sorrows
10. June 2022 By Walter Price 0

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Self Made Sorrows

by Walter Price

Bluesy, introspective, with plenty of groove throughout, and well worth the wait, the debut LP “Self Made Sorrows” from Irish singer-songwriter A.Leigh has finally arrived and it’s chockful of brilliantly constructed and weighty rock and pop songs that’ll move you.

Stacked to the brim with already familiar tracks that the Dublin-based songwriter has released over the last few years, the absolute delight is in hearing the fresh offerings like the radio-ready “Any Place”, “Leaving Me Right”, “Silence in a Straightjacket” and the sultry rocker “Black Dove”. All cementing the fact that A.Leigh and company are quite the force to be reckoned with.

In a quote provided to the GTC, the “Our Song” singer reflects, “The album is almost 4-5 years in the making. I initially started the writing and all of the pre-production process work with producer Gavin Ralston [The Waterboys, Picturehouse, Ronnie Drew, Luan Parle] at Silverwood Studios in Wicklow until he became too sick to continue (Gavin passed away in September 2019 after a battle with cancer). After that, things just kind of stopped for me for a while – then the pandemic hit. In the end, we decided to continue what we had started with Gav and to see the album through to completion, doing the majority of it from home remotely”.

I’m confident Gavin is smiling from above at the marvel “Self Made Sorrows” has become. With plenty of thoughts of KT Tunstall, Nick Cave, and Lana Del Rey coursing through its veins, this album is an instant benchmark for what’s to come from this ever-evolving artist.

A.LEIGH Self Made Sorrows

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