Mark J. Lee
27. November 2018 By Walter Price 0

INTOXICATING NEW SOUNDS: Mark J. Lee – “I Wish I Was Drinking”

Mark J Lee is available @ Bandcamp. Mark J. Lee by Walter Price   “I wish I was drinking, I wish I was stoned”, opens the new track from UK wandering troubadour Mark J. Lee. A song that takes Lee fully into the heyday of traditional country music when Williams, Snow, and Frizzell were delivering those true to the bone folk tunes. With his signature Outlaw slant, Lee reminisces about the virtues of being lit and the escapism/excuses it can offer up. Raw, earnest, and intoxicating, Watch the live performance video below.  


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VIDEO: Mark J. Lee performing ‘I wish I was drinking’ overlooking the Tamar Valley and Cotehele Estate in Cornwall.  

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