Leslie Clio
26. November 2018 By Walter Price 0

Leslie Clio is shrugging off the naysayers with “Rumours” from ‘Purple’ (Deluxe Edition)

Leslie Clio – Purple (Deluxe Edition) is available @ iTunes.

Leslie Clio

by Walter Price


Something familiar is in the air when listening to Deutschland’s Leslie Clio. Its undoubtedly her updated timeless soul-infused pop made popular by artists like Cass Elliot, Little Eva, and Lesley Gore. And where Clio shines the brightest is when she adds that special tongue-in-cheek playfulness. Self-deprecating, aware, and powerfully confident. Her recent single, “Rumours” (from the ‘Purple’ album), showcases these qualities. Shrugging off the naysayers is easier said than done, and “Rumours” has a jaunty good time trying to do just that. Brilliant.

Heard I’m too cool and not your type
I heard I’m lazy and unkind
I’m complicated and I smell
I may be smart, but strange as hell
I’m hard to handle so don’t try
Heard I’m a beau, oh yeah oh I
Got different men on every town
Will make you cry and drag you down

Clio has announced a forthcoming album, ‘Repeat‘, due in February 2019. And she just dropped a fresh new track “Home”, which you can watch here.



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(Article cover photo by Hannes Casper)

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