Maija Sofia
7. December 2015 By Walter Price 0

Maija Sofia The Sugar Sea

Maija SofiaTurn all the lights off and hide away the mess, pretty soon we can learn to forget…
by Walter Price   There is certainly a certain amount of je ne sais quoi about Irish singer/songwriter Maija Sofia but I find myself drawn into writing about her with every release. Her new one, the four track EP The Sugar Sea is possibly her best to date. All the whispery yearnings, enchanting darkness is her realities and the captivating poetry as lyrics are all here. As with all good or better poets, at times simple lines can carry the weight and convey the narrator’s conversations. I find or rather I like to ponder the perceived fact that these tracks as with her ones in the past are more introspective and silhouetted jaunts more than being direct dedications. But whatever the cases may be Sofia is a great songwriter and there is no way to understand or unearth what this writer is doing with one listen. I usually love self-produced works as I do with The Sugar Sea. Somber magic is the cloth that unifies Sofia’s sound but I have of late wondered what an artist like this would accelerate to with a producer like Joel Little or David Roback. Food for thought but for now Maija Sofia ce que vous faites est grand.   Maija Sofia: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud / Bandcamp