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…forever a child, SINGLE 2-way: MADISON MALONE – “Treehouse” [Hugo Bombardier/Justin Glasco, producers]

Madison Malone – I & II, is available at Apple Music.

Madison Malone

by Walter Price

With a voice that could soundtrack an endless amount of everlasting emotional moments, singer-songwriter Madison Malone’s recent double EP, ‘I & II’, is heartfelt x two. A collection that shares two interpretations of the same songs. It utilizes striking and sparse, stripped back arrangments/production on the first five tracks before it moves to showcase sweeping big pop sounds on the final five. All ten tracks, not only calling cards for the delicate and beautiful songwriting but also the production powers of Hugo Bombardier and Justin Glasco. Each letting the songs breathe without overwhelming studio wizardry.

And it’s both producers who put their studio masteries on what I consider to be this set’s gateway tracks. “Treehouse”. This particular song’s lyrics remind me of a melding of the heartstrings of Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” and Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me”. All three tracks reflecting the inexorable processes of youth, growth, and the memories that shape a soul.

Inside my treehouse
I don’t have to grow up
My thoughts run wild
I’m forever a child.

There’s a blanket in my room
It is tattered and torn
Patches to fix up
The places I wore

Inside my blanket
I don’t have to grow up
My thoughts run wild
I’m forever a child

‘I & II’ is available now on your favorite platforms and you can stream two stunning versions of ‘Treehouse”, below.


Artwork by Nicole Jaffe / Photo by Felton Kizer / PR by The Mora May Agency

I & II

Producer on tracks 1 & 10: Hugo Bombardier
Producer on 2-9: Justin Glasco
Mixer on 2-9: Bryan Cook
Master on 2-9: Hans DeKline
Multi-instrumentalist: Justin Glasco
Guitarist: Brandon Walters
Cellist: Isaiah Gage

madison malone

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These songs are some of the most intimate words I have ever written. They speak about vulnerability, melancholy and growing up, missing the place you grew up, coming out and not being quiet about it, and creating a life of simple, pure love“. – Madison Malone

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