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12. April 2020 By Walter Price 0

GTC EXCLUSIVE: HEAVY HEAVY w/ 5 Influential Albums + New Single – Born of No Wild!

Heavy Heavy – Born of No Wild is available at Bandcamp.

by Heavy Heavy

From the start, there has been a clear idea in HEAVY HEAVY of what we want to create: dirty modern rock music. We are lovers of music and as is the case for most people, our personal tastes span over a wide spectrum of sounds and styles. Acknowledging that is the first step to take when it comes to writing and creating your own music, then we start to strip away what doesn’t belong in the HEAVY HEAVY basket. With this band though, we’re really glad to be able to channel some of our all-time favourites while simultaneously discovering whole new scenes of music and artists we didn’t even know existed. Listed below are but a few, but it’s a start.

And friendos! Our second release Born of No Wild, which you can stream below, was written as a reminder to take care of your fellow humans especially those that are having trouble taking care of themselves. Enjoy and rock with love!

Lullabies to Paralyze (2005) by Queens of the Stone Age


A very diverse but coherent album with a dark and occult sound. Plenty of influences from folklore, witches and pagan rituals. If that doesn’t intrigue you then what are you even doing here? To this day our QOTSA favourite – a perfect balance between brute riffs and long, trippy instrumental parts with clattering knives and howling wolves. Turn up “Tangled Up in Plaid” and “Someone’s in the Wolf” for maximum effect!

Joy as an Act of Resistance (2018) by IDLES


It’s punk – but massive, hairy, weird and loving. The album title describes it pretty well in this case. IDLES take this aggressive energy and turn it into a driving force for causes they believe in, like fighting toxic masculinity. You gotta love the attitude and humour too, like “Never Fight A Man With a Perm” (probably good advice) and the howling “I KISSED A BOY AND I LIKED IT” in “Samaritans”. On top of all that there’s a whole pile of great guitar sounds to take inspiration from.

Who are the Girls? (2020) by Nova Twins


Nova Twins are an absolute powerhouse of “How the hell are they doing that?”. It’s inspiring to hear a band put out an album that features stacked pitch sounds, energetic blood pumping songwriting, and reinvents the same ass-kicking feeling we strive for in HEAVY HEAVY. Also, this band is thrilling to watch live, and every track on “Who Are the Girls?” gets stuck in your head for days.

Lightning at the Door (2013) by All Them Witches


All Them Witches will always hold a special place in our hearts, and this album especially influences how we approach writing. This band are the kings of dynamic, engaging songwriting that tap into a spiritual level that few musicians come close to. The track “The Marriage of a Coyote Woman” is something of a modern classic and songs like that always scratch that southern American itch that oozes psychedelic gravy into some of our own songs like “Born of No Wild”.

Sugar Tax (2019) by Kid Kapichi


There seems to be some really cool grunge thing going on right now and Kid Kapichi is one of the best bands in that category. It’s an ultimately very simple formula with great guitar riffs and cheeky vocal performances but it takes a lot to make the music seem so simple. Again, these guys don’t seem to take themselves too seriously which is a great plus in the HEAVY HEAVY books. “Revolver” is definitely the go-to track on this one.

Born of No Wild by HEAVY HEAVY

+ Dead Weight and Broken Dreams

Band photo by Stefanie Ren Photography

Born of No Wild
Cameron Gillette – Mixing
Greg Abate – Mastering
Alberto Benedetti – Tracking

Dead Weight and Broken Dreams
Recorded at The Famous Golden Watch studios
Mixed by Cameron Gillette
Mastered by Greg Abate

Chance – Bass & Vocals
Val – Guitar
Linus – Drums

heavy heavy born of no wild

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