Love Hounds
25. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…going back, LOVE HOUNDS Endonesia

Love Hounds Endonesia is available on Bandcamp, SoundCloud

Love Hounds

by Walter Price

Political partisan chaos gnawing on your senses, your local watering hole walls closing in, and/or indifference in general still festering? Nashville-based alt-country rockers Love Hounds have a track to soundtrack your all too understandable urge to say fuck it all and toss up your hand and go away.

“Endonesia” is a raw punk-leaning country song with plenty of honky tonk and disdain intertwined that’ll have fans of both Old 97s and Hank III turning it up and, possibly, dropping out. We’ve all felt the hunger, now we have another fed-up song to blast our feelings into shape, or not.

“Endonesia” is from the sprawling ‘No Love‘ LP, available now.


Artwork, band photo, and bio quote courtesy of Public Display PR

Love Hounds is Josh Emmons, CB Brooks, Eric Ralls, David Keith

website // instagram

Their —first album, No Love, is a reflection of and reaction to Nashville’s honky tonks and highways, sprawling suburban strip-malls, two-day delivery conglomerates, and a skyline of cranes. It’s being back in the burbs, all anger and angst with silence no longer being an option. This collection of screams into the void results in a rowdy and incriminating protest album that points the finger at everyone, but most especially Brooks himself.” – bio

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