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VIDEO: Bella Thorne – “B*tch I’m Bella Thorne”

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Bella Thorne

by Walter Price


Bella Thorne is a lot of things. Talented things. But continuing to her music career with the blistering new track, “Bitch I’m Bella Thorne”, is probably her best identity to date. With a deep beat by Mod Sun, the track is about owning who you are. Thorne happens to be a well-documented celebrity and social media boss. One who is written about, photographed and ogled probably more than just about anyone.

I don’t need no ID ’cause I’m Bella Thorne
Seen me on TV a million times before (times before)
Been inside the club since I was hella short
Now my money talk that shit since you can’t afford
I don’t got a license, but I got a Porsche
Yeah, I got some drivers that open my door

The track is an autobiographical tongue-in-cheek romp through the day to day life of the 20 yr old’s life. Paparazzi, glam, coping, err, thriving with fame, and the weirdness of the Hollywood machine. Ultimately, dominating it on her terms.

Wake up in the morning and I feel so godly
Look into the mirror and say “I love my body”
Everybody dancin’ on me, think that I’m zombie
I do lots of things, but none of them are a hobby
One night, got some more security in the lobby
‘Cause everywhere I go, I guarantee paparazzi
I’m not tryna front, you see me riding shotty
But paparazzi, make sure you get good shots of me
I be taking shots on my car, I’m so crazy

There are also snaps about her sexuality and body image, or perhaps pop culture’s fascination with it all. Check out the humor-filled trippy AF video below. Certainly, the best things your eyes have witnessed in a very long time…as thoughts of Macklemore dance in your memory bank.



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