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3. June 2020 By Walter Price 0

…can’t get you outta my head, SINGLE: LOUD FOREST – Miracle

Loud Forest – Miracle is available at Apple Music.

loud forest

by Walter Price

“Our story is so crazy, so it’s like, hey this is a miracle, let’s not fuck it up, forget about it and run away, let’s remember how special it is.”, Loud Forest’s Bernard Chadwick explains the inspiration behind their recent groove-heavy single, “Miracle”. A track that will no doubt further cement this duo’s knack for crafting crispy and catchy pop.

And with this single as with previous ones, another fascinating aspect of this mighty husband and wife team is unfolding. Its how they manage to balance their sound with equal parts commercially viable and maintaining their LA indie edge. It’s not as easily done as one may think.

With all the palpable authenticity sewn in and hearing that opening beat and synthesized harmonies (Very Daði Freyr-esque) and getting pulled into an immediate singalong situation, there isn’t any reason this song won’t have you addicted toot sweet. So, if you’re a fan of Future Islands, Wye Oaks, and/or fun., then slide this one into your ‘snaps of sparkle‘ summertime playlist…


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Band photo by Joshua Sterling Bragg

Rachel Chadwick
Bernard Chadwick

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“If Loud Forest’s music can be called pop, a four-letter word for artists after purity, it is only in its likability, its warmth, its tidy edges. Here is then pop imbued with love and artisanship.” – fb bio

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