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Take me for a ride, VIDEO: ALISTAIR – Metro [Jacob Reynolds, director]

Alistair – Metro is available at Apple Music.

by Walter Price

Whichever way you hear Phoenix alt-rock outfit, Alistair, you’d be in the ballpark. New wave with a crunch, ethereal grunge, or shoegaze-y post-punk, their new single “Metro” covers it all. And the subject matter couldn’t be more timely. In a world where the mind can, increasingly, play tricks on you, this track tells the tale. Originally a song about coping with insomnia, the lyrics can easily be transformed by the current worldwide anxiousnesses as well. Assuredly, this track will take on personal meaning for everyone who hears it.

“As we wrote this record, the message we wanted to get across was you’re not alone, it’s okay not to be okay and embrace what makes you human,”, the band’s Nick Antonucci explains. And the accompanying late-night film, directed by Jacob Reynolds, really portrays those sentiments, as anxiety, alcoholism, anger, and isolation walk into a bar.

You can watch the video below and don’t forget to add this track to your thought-provoking and emotional exploration playlist(s)…


Article band cover photo provided by Public Display PR

Directed, shot and edited by Jacob Reynolds

Jack Croom – guitar/producer
Nick Antonucci – guitar/vocals
Collin Bashaw – vocals
Jared Denham – drums
Jake Randall – bass/vocals


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New single Metro is a song about insomnia and the unhealthy escapism tactics we use to not be alone in bed with our haunting thoughts. The track is an intriguing meshing of aesthetics, harnessing the gloomy textures of goth and the raw directness of punk.” – press bio

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