Lori McKenna
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…life she lived, LORI McKENNA The Old Woman In Me

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Lori McKenna

by Walter Price

Happy endings are what you make ’em, I suppose. And I guess many folks forget or are, by circumstance, cosmically urged to focus on the downsides of a life lived. But when it comes to seminal singer-songwriter Lori McKenna’s brilliantly nostalgic and picturesque LP “1988”, there’s nothing but love for cherished memories, friendships, and those who have moved on.

Looking back on her mission in crafting this a-life-lived 10-track stunner, McKenna says in her bio, “I was trying to let my age and experience guide me through making a record I wished I’d made when I was younger…I really wanted it to sound like if I made a rock record in the ‘90s, and then I remembered that I made my first album in 1998. There’s something so 30 years ago in my head about this record. In a way I wish I could start again and know what I know now.”

Life is a busy machine and if you don’t have time to soak up the entire album in one moment, I recommend you start at the start with Track 1, “The Old Woman In Me”. Embracing the inevitable beauty of growing older and respecting the future lurking in your DNA—This song conjures up many a feeling about all the women (and men, for that matter) in my life and the way some have navigated grace and age better than others. Life is of course complex and one should go with the flow…ultimately, its a beautiful ride. Front porch sittin’ and all.

McKenna shares the track’s origin story, “There’s always a lot of discussion of, ‘What would I tell my younger self?’ I’d had one of those discussions one day, and thought, ‘Well, if we can write a letter to our younger selves, we can surely think about our older selves. It was one of those songs that I knew right away was probably not going to be for pitch. I wouldn’t be able to change the lyrics for it to apply to someone younger. It’s one of those songs that wanted to be my story and hopefully a story for the people that identify with me. I think we all focus on when we were younger, so it was fun to flip it. You end up developing this character that is you, that you actually really like.”

Lori McKenna won’t let ya down throughout her masterclass LP, “1988” and you introduce yourself to it through “The Old Woman In Me”, here at the GTC.

LORI McKENNA The Old Woman In Me

Artist photo, artwork via Facebook // Quotes via lorimckenna.com

Produced by Dave Cobb

Written by Lori McKenna

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She’s a no regret-er, yeah
A good forgiver, yeah
And where she’s worn around the edges, go on and let her be
She’s peace in a house dress, I’m a work in progress
I hope someday I get to be the old woman in me

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