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1. August 2023 By Walter Price 0


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Goldie UFO

by Walter Price

From their chilled-out self-titled debut EP, “Duke & Goldie”, let’s go deep and check out their out-of-this-world Haight-Ashbury-vibed track, “UFO”.

Smoke clouds, Hollywood’s deceptions, and desert visions…this song is somewhat an alt direction for this Canadian Americana-folk duo. Less Fleetwood Mac and more escapism from the height of the psych era. Cryptic and poetic, this one solidifies the depth and range of one of this year’s most exciting burgeoning outfits.

All 6-tracks on the EP are far-out gems and should be experienced. But, if you only have a few minutes to spare, climb aboard the cosmically induced “UFO”, here at the GTC.


Band photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Duke & Goldie + Auteur Research

Jena “Goldie” Gogo
Eric “The Duke” Duquette

Produced by Aaron Goldstein

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“Duke & Goldie’s 6-song self-titled EP (May 12th, 2023) was recorded in Toronto with producer and pedal steel ace Aaron Goldstein (Julianna Riolino, Daniel Romano, Kathleen Edwards) with rhythm pros Anna Ruddick and Dani Nash. The EP charts out landscapes and stories from thrilling rocky mountain highs, to mysterious remote deserts and walks the line barefoot between warm-folk storytelling and mystical country twang. All while asking deeper questions about the duo’s place in the land they love so much.” – bio

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