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3. December 2022 By Walter Price 0

…losing control, LINDSAY WHITE No Stopping It

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Lindsay White No Stopping It

by Walter Price

So-Cal singer-songwriter Lindsay White returns with a weighty new single, “No Stopping It”, that, like much of her previous catalog, is a personal journey, In a Facebook post dated 25 November 2022 the new Mom wrote about the song, “I’ll just say this is a song for anyone who is dealing with the physical manifestations of anxiety, grief, trauma, etc.

“Now that I’m raising a daughter, not hating myself feels more important than ever, so I’ve been working very hard to mindfully befriend my “demons.” Maybe not befriend. Accept? Acknowledge? Allow? What’s like a couple notches above frenemy and a couple below acquaintance? Somewhere in there.”

If you recall, White is the songwriter behind one of the most beautifully constructed albums to enter this complicated world, 2017’s biographical “Lights Out“. And like many of the tracks on that cherished LP; “No Stopping It” finds White digging deep into her own experiences to craft this stunningly heartfelt and palpable new song. Baring your truths in such a public way must be as difficult as it is cathartic, but White’s soothing vocal tone and open-book approach make it comfortable and inviting to hear and ultimately relate to her realities.

With this new single, Lindsay White proves once again to be one of Tip Top songwriters working today and I’m certain that “No Stopping It” will resonate with anyone coming to terms with their “demons.”, whatever individualized manifestations that may be.

So, if you like your songs indelibly emotional, a lil country rock blended with 90s-era folk—then go on and stream “No Stopping It” here at the GTC.


Artist photo by Sydney Prather // Album photography by @sydney_valiente

Production by Lindsay White, Jules Stewart, Mike Kamoo, Alex Dausch

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“White is also a writer, whose personal work explores topics including gender, queer identity, mental health, grief advocacy, social justice, and more. In 2022, she debuted Qulyn, a line of paperback journals “for folks with feels.” She’s currently working on a non-fiction memoir called “Dead Mom Walking” about the mind-boggling, bed-wetting, gut-wrenching experience of reconciling with her estranged, deceased mother through mediumship.” – bio

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