Robot 22
1. December 2022 By Walter Price 0

REDUX: Mårten Lärka Robot 22

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Robot 22

by Walter Price

Before we go forward, let’s step back to the year 2015 when one of our favorite multi-faceted singer-songwriters Mårten Lärka released his socially conscious thoughts on how we humans are living our very regimented and drone, err robot, like existences. Aptly titled “Robot”, this bluesy British vibed 60s-era rocker’s message is clear and slightly scathing but, as per usual, Lärka injects enough deadpan humor so that the weight of the song is eased oh so slightly.

This is now and the song has resurfaced, but today it has a brilliantly done music video. Watch as a robot tries to navigate everyday goings on. Intertwined with success and challenges—the visuals tell the track’s tale poignantly and, again, with enough tongue-in-cheek to ease the harsh realities of the song’s views on humanity.

Hey, we all get caught up in the monotony of everyday life—but let’s be less like robots and more like Mårten Lärka. Full of creativity, youthful exuberance, and a tune for every occasion.

REDUX: Mårten Lärka Robot 22

Music and lyrics: Mårten Lärka/Hamid Khodja
Production: Mårten Lärka
Mixing: Micke Öhlén
Mastering: Classe Persson
Art work: Båpa

robot 22

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Calme-toi, Monsieur Robot
T un humain
Et c´est trés beau
Tu crèves un jour
Comme un robot
Tu crèves un jour
Comme un robot…

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