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…never gonna give it up, EL TERRIBLE – Lifer

El Terrible – Lifer is available at Bandcamp, SoundCloud.


by Walter Price

San Francisco’s modern purveyors of retro-styled churning goth El Terrible have resurfaced with a smashing ode to rock-n-roll. Reminiscent of what The Sisters of Mercy and Echo & the Bunnymen once served up, “Lifer”, is a high-five to those artists who never wanna give it up. Rewarded or not.

As vocalist Terry Ashkinos explains, “Lifer is the name my friend musicians call someone who is in it for life. That is, they continue to create and play music without ever expecting to reap any reward or in some cases even reach an audience bigger than their circle of friends. A lifer is someone who can not quit the art they consider to be their identity even if it doesn’t love them back because to quit would mean to no longer exist.”

If you dig powerfully brooding and shadowy indie rock, and you love doing what you do for the beauty of creating, then add this one to your in-it-for-life playlist, And you can stream this new single and the El Terrible slow-burn classic, “Cut”, now at GTC.


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Artist photo via Facebook

Recorded and produced by Alan Davis
Written by Terry Ashkinos
Performed by Terry Ashkinos, Alan Davis, and Aaron Hazen


facebook / fake your own death

El Terrible, the nickname given to Terry Ashkinos when he worked as a short-order cook at a Sizzler, formed in 2016 as an offshoot/side project from Fake Your Own Death (a San Francisco indie/art/punk band fronted by Terry). At that time, ET released an EP and some singles and did some small regional West Coast tours. But as Fake Your Own Death became busier, ET stopped playing live and became Terry’s moniker as a solo musician. This single, Lifer, marks El Terrible’s return during these troubled times.” – bio

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