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SUNDAY CLASSIC GTC: MATT YORK goes Track x Track ‘Boston, Texas’

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While most artists highlight, tease and rework influences within their sounds, most stick to a specific genre, but York’s album is unique in that it travels so many sonic avenues it’s impossible to pigeonhole. York is without a doubt a brilliant talent and the songwriter stopped by for a track by track his Boston, Texas.

Big Fan of Why 

This song is about a friend of mine that lives in the Midwest. He always says that he’s had a lifetime of love and loss, and often reminisces about the who, what, when, where and how. But he’s not a big fan of why he’s come into these circumstances.

Let’s go to the Beach

I wrote this one a long, long time ago when I was a fledgling college student. All my friends were in college figuring out their futures and I just wanted to do music and nothing else. The idea of the song was to just pack up, head west and see what came of things. Spend the days at the beach, spend nights doing music and not worry about being broke.

Saw You on Friday

A song about going out on a Friday night, meeting some new people and having a long extended party with people you likely won’t see again but that you had an incredibly fun shared experience with.

Losing Streak

I wrote this song after seeing the movie “Crazy Heart”. I loved the soundtrack that T-Bone Burnett created for that album and Jeff Bridges’ character is somebody that most longtime musicians have either come across or can imagine. I’d been away from music from several years when the movie came out and it really resonated with me. The song is just about a guy having a hard time finding his way.

New to You

This song took me a long time to put together because the hook of the song is the lead guitar part and I was never able to simultaneously play that part and sing it. It’s a song that we did in the studio and really haven’t played much before or since. The words are just about somebody trying to reinvent themselves in the hopes that their partner will want to be with them. There’s a car dealer here in the Boston area that refers to his used cars that he sells as not used cars but cars that are “new to you”.

Sick of it All

This is just a snippet of a song I’d written in high school. It’s a pretty dark tune and a number of people have told me it’s one of their favorites from the album. I imagine that I probably wrote it after getting dumped in high school but I really don’t remember. I never recorded the song and don’t even remember how the rest of the original song goes but I liked the way it came out.


This is a song about hopefulness. It’s about that day when the balance shifts after a breakup. When things shift from there being no hope in sight to things looking like they are going to be okay. The lines “I’ve got yesterdays until tomorrow” is really just about relying on the fact that there’s been some good stuff in the past and how that can help tide you over in the interim.

I’m Back

This was inspired by a movie or TV show. I honestly don’t remember. Howeverit was a guy getting out of jail. He was bad news but once he got out, he got hooked up with some money, a car and was “living large”. He went back to see his old girlfriend who had left him when he went to jail to show her how well he was doing and how much he wanted her back.

Love You the Same

This song is two minutes long and it seems like it took me about that long to write. I wanted a ballad to close out the album. The lyrics on the album are oftentimes dark but the music is generally upbeat. In my head, I just thought it’d be cool to end it with an incredibly depressing song. It’s my favorite song on the album and I like the way the video that my wife directed (and that my 13-year-old Weimaraner starred in) portrays that sadness.

[ Original pub. date 23, June 2016 ]


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Many of us that do the type of music I do are kinda sons and daughters of the great Steve Earle He’s a songwriting hero to us. One of his actual sons, Justin Townes Earle was also a songwriting hero to many, including me. He passed away at the young age of 38 recently in Nashville, leaving behind a wife and three-year-old daughter. I saw him three times over the years and, the last time I saw him at the Narrows Center for the Arts, he was terrific and seemingly on top of his game. This is one of my favorite songs of his calledHarlem River Blues“. – Matt York

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