Lars Moston Antidote
13. October 2022 By Walter Price 0


Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston Antidote is available on Spotify, Beatport, Motor Music

Lars Moston Antidote

by Walter Price

“Antidote” is quite the fitting title for an upbeat dance track, considering the times we’re navigating out of (allegedly). But if this sun-soaked song’s origins all it appears to be?

From the somewhat new-ish duo Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston, this proven dancefloor gem’s origin story was laid out in a recent Q&A w/ Deep House Amsterdam, “The song is about finding your place, finding home, finding the beautiful things in life – the antidote to all the rest of it. We wrote it in the middle of winter during the first Berlin lockdown, but because the song is so hopeful and optimistic it really sounds more like summer. We’d just met and started making music together so we were having a great time and that joy really comes through, despite the searching nature of the lyrics. One really gets the feeling that the “antidote” is just moments away and that life is wonderful.”

Whenever and wherever this blissed-vibed release was birthed, one thing is certain… it’s a fresh groove that’ll keep this coming Winter a lil bit peachier than previously planned. Just what the doctor ordered…

You can stream “Antidote” + all its tasty remixes, here at the GTC.


Artists’ photo via Facebook (Murmur Tooth) // Quotes via Deep House Amsterdam + Motor Music

Leah Hinton
Lars Moston
Remixes w/ Dompe + Intaktogene

Murmur Tooth // Lars Moston 

“Antidote” is the first single from their upcoming full-length album “No Time to Explain”. Releasing on the 7th of October, this deep house groover has already passed the DJ test with flying colours in Pacha in Ibiza, Printworks in London, and Sisyphus in Berlin. With feel-good summer vibes and an anthemic vocal hook, it has people singing along by the second chorus and jumping along by the third.” – Motor Music

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