Laura Veirs Winter Windows
12. October 2022 By Walter Price 0

…now it’s up to her, LAURA VEIRS Winter Windows [Found Light LP]

Laura Veirs Winter Windows [Found Light LP] is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Tidal

Laura Veirs Winter Windows

by Walter Price

If you haven’t laid ears on the critically acclaimed LP ‘Found Light’ from seminal songwriter Laura Veirs, you’re missing out on something quite extraordinary. On the Portlander’s Bandcamp page, the 14-track going-her-own-way experience is described, “While it’s technically the 12th studio LP from the esteemed Portland, OR-based artist, it also, in many ways, feels like her debut: Found Light is her very first record with co-production credits (alongside Shahzad Ismaily), and finds Veirs embracing a self-sovereignty and artistic-independence she’d never known previously.”

To get you acclimated, check out the final chapter of this set embodying taking control, forging new paths head high, and soul-strong “Winter Windows”. A powerfully poetic tribute to the undeniable strength and persevering nurturing guidance of Mothers. Set to an indelible post-punk arrangement, this track, while closing out the album, for me, exemplifies the entire empowering vibe of ‘Found Light’. An anthem for each and every woman who embraces the fortitude to shape their own journeys.

Let’s not forget to mention the DIY, controlled chaos of the single’s music video. Visuals Veirs explains in its YouTube description, “This video is raw, and like the whole album, truthful. I had a gut, instinctual feeling about a video for this song so I went down to my basement, set up my iPhone, and danced to the song. I danced hard. Danced until I was out of breath. Until I’d ‘said’ all I could say.” And the energy in the video is palpable, like the total album itself.

You can witness the basement film for “Winter Windows” as well as stream the post-pandemic ‘Found Light’ in full, here at the GTC.

LAURA VEIRS Winter Windows

+ Found Light

Artist photo via Bandcamp // Quotes via Bandcamp, YouTube

Video: Directed and filmed by Laura Veirs
Edited by Ben Baldwin

FOUND LIGHT: Produced by Shahzad Ismaily & Laura Veirs
Mixed by Philip Weinrobe
Mastered by Josh Bonati

Photography by Shelby Brakken

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Burn a candle
Lori and the kids
Winter windows
The sky a snakeskin
Purple clouds now
Vibrate the yard
I am puzzling out
Our two lives apart

I used to watch them
Watch you light up every room
Now it’s up to me
The lighting I can do

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