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11. October 2022 By Walter Price 0


Ben Myers Tea Leaves is available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music

Tea Leaves

by Walter Price

It’s been a short spell since we’ve heard from Lawrence, Kansas’s own singer-songwriter Ben Myers. But don’t fear, Myers has returned with a brand new 6-track EP ‘Tea Leaves’ brimming with his signature psych-sewn raw storytelling. Traveling through six chapters of emotions and experiences: Infatuation, Remembering, Aloneness, Uncertainty, Desire, and Transformation… And similar to his previous catalog, this post-pandemic set will take the listener far into this songwriter’s awareness.

Myers’ latest blend of urgent reluctance can be heard in full, here at the GTC.

BEN MYERS Tea Leaves

Artis photo, artwork via Facebook

Written, produced, and performed by Ben Myers

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“Ben is an intuitive guy. A self-proclaimed Jungian personality type INFJ, his curiosities about dream analysis and interpretation has led him to keep a voice recorder by his bedside every night. Throughout the years his recorded subconscious emotions and symbolic images have lent themselves to color most of Ben’s songs. Such songs are marked with a palpable tension, frustration, intrigue, and romance that only one with high expectations can create. He has worked for over a decade as a songwriter in Kansas, where he makes rare appearances on stage, preferring the solitude and creative atmosphere that the studio provides.” – bio

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