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FRESH SINGLE: Kleptokrat – “The View at Bethlehem” (Momentarily, to Grace EP)

Kleptokrat – “The View at Bethlehem” is available @ iTunes.


by Walter Price


Kleptocrat’s recent single, “The View at Bethlehem”, will be a familiar tale to any touring artist. The road can be daunting, causing stretches of doubt. But, if you’re lucky, the love of the art and the family-esque bond with your bandmates can carry you through.

The track is a jazz-infused folk-rock gem. The blending of sounds and genres works brilliantly. So many thoughts float in and out of my brain as the track plays. Without pigeonholing, I hear hints, of Alison Krauss, Deerhunter, Slowdive, and Alex Carter’s saxophone takes me back to memories of the heroic Morphine.

“The View at Bethlehem” is the first release from the ‘Momentarily, to Grace’ EP.



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Filmed on location at 5 Harts Road
Camera: Daniel Teplan
Additional Camera: Daniel Phillips
Colorist: Josh Kanuck

Special Thanks
Daniel Epstein
Willy McGee
Jenny Morse
Jonah Trager

Alex Carter – Saxophone
Danilo Coleman – Bass
Walker Esner – Drums
Graham Galatro – Guitar
Teagan Taylor – Vox and Trumpet

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