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In Her Own Creative Words: SIGRID on writing “Sucker Punch”

Sigrid – Sucker Punch (3.8.2019) available @ iTunes.


sucker punch



“I think this time in the studio, I remember with the chorus it was Emily Warren and Martin Sjølie and I wrote it in Ålesund, in my hometown, in a studio called Ocean Sound Recording. And I remember when we wrote the chorus that was like a perfect pop chorus. And then the verse was so different and trying to get those two fit together was a bit difficult, but we made it in the end. But yeah, the verses are definitely a lot more different than the other things I have from before. And I think that’s what made it difficult and also super exciting. There’s something new, something fresh I haven’t done before. So I would still say like, this is definitely myself, but just in a different way. I like it. I like discovering new things.”



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The quote comes from the Andrew Spena article for FADER.

Sigrid ‘Sucker Punch’ Credits:

Directors – AB/CD/CD
Prod Co – Forever
With thanks to La Pac
Producer – Ailsa Vanessa Tapping
Exec Producer – Sasha Nixon
DOP – Rob Witt
Production Design – Emma Rose Mead
Choreographer – Simon Donnellon
Editor : Tianes Montasser
Colourist -Sylvain Canaux
VFX – Mathematic Studio & Editors, Paris
Commissioner – David Knight
Label – Island Records

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