Kid Carrion
20. October 2021 By Walter Price 0

…is anybody listening? KID CARRION Balboa Sessions EP

Kid Carrion Balboa Sessions EP is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Kid Carrion

by Walter Price

Pick a zeitgeist topic and you’ll quickly find yourself frustrated with it all. And the one-year-old 3-track EP, ‘Balboa Sesseions’, from LA’s “slacker punk” outfit Kid Carrion gets it. From pacing the floor knowing the world is fucked, to being too self-involved to actually make a difference and all the compromises one makes to get ahead are all packed into this powerful, compacted set.

Unwritten Hate Mail to the World
Baja Rock
Short Bird

The band’s blend of crunchy spoken word, Warped Tour-era styled punk rock, So-Cal sun-soaked harmonies, that violin, and the pointed social commentary are all worth this near hidden gem being given a chance to shine once again. And you can stream the seriously brilliant ‘Balboa Sessions’ as well as the band’s Top Spotify Tracks, now at the GTC.

KID CARRION Balboa Sessions EP

Band photo by Rosa Lima

Drums and bass recorded at Balboa Studios in Highland Park, CA
Engineered by David Jerkovich

All other instruments and vocals recorded at AudioMech Studios in Reseda, CA
Engineered by Jonathan Morales

Produced by Kid Carrion
Mixed by Jonathan Morales
Mastered by Gentry Studer at Epicenter Mastering

Kid Carrion

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How can I be relatable here?
(We don’t care)
How can I get the message across?
(We don’t care)
Is anybody listening?
(We don’t care)
Can anyone hear me at all?

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