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17. July 2019 By Walter Price 0

Just one touch, SINGLE: KATE NASH – “Body Heat” (Yesterday Was Forever LP)

Kate Nash – ‘Yesterday Was Forever’ ft. “Body Heat” is available @ Apple Music.

kate nash

by Walter Price

When it comes to pop stars, there are only a few that are as interesting as Kate Nash. Stellar album releases (sometimes, bewilderingly, overlooked), her GLOW character subtly makes the show and her much needed feminist activism. And her independent-star continued to shine bright with last year’s ‘Yesterday Was Forever’ LP.

Recently. Nash dropped a retro Twin Peak-esque DIY film for track 6, “Body Heat”, and it’s a self-gratifying romp. If you will… Nash, known for a wink-and-a-smile in much of her artistic endeavors, hangs out in a cabin seeking a warm escape, as an invisible man stands in for one nourishing themselves, self-love. Celebrating that solo-care can be a personal and loving experience.

Won’t you be my physical therapy?
Show me how you move
Just one touch and you give me clarity
So let’s go to my room


“Body Heat” is certainly another best for Nash, and the video, adds to her steady work of comedic honesty. Check it out.


CAST: Kate Nash as herself / Invisible Man as himself / Cameo by Stella

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