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16. July 2019 By Walter Price 0

Appear inside of nowhere, VIDEO: ALDOUS HARDING – “The Barrel” (Sagadin & Harding, directors)

Aldous Harding – ‘Designer” is available via 4AD.

Aldous Harding

by Walter Price

I’m very aware of the colorful adverbs already in use in describing the brilliantly weird and out of this world talents of Aldous Harding. Yet, you must be forewarned, I plan to add a few more to the ever-increasing conversation.

Harding, who has a storied history with wordsmithery, continues her enigmatic approach to lyrics in her track “The Barrel”. And although this song is fastly becoming her signature tune, it’s the beautifully odd video that has tongues wagging.

Look at all the peaches
I want to celebrate
I can appear inside of nowhere
Look at all the peaches

It’s already dead
I know you have the dove
I’m not getting wet
Looks like a date is set
Show the ferret to the egg
I’m not getting led along

Co-directed by Martin Sagadin and Harding, herself, the artist’s unique brand of expression is on full display. Decked out in bewitching Puritan garb as the vocalist shimmies just offbeat enough to make it mesmerizing. Seriously bizarre akimbo movement throughout that can not be unseen nor forgotten. All set in what I perceive as an antique white dropcloth clad set, reminiscent of a strange, undefinable dream. Conjuring something forgotten.

A couple of cameos worth noting. Firstly, a nightmare drops in to shake your soul and secondly, it wouldn’t be an Aldous film without a bit of anxious and unpredictable humor to lighten things up. And you’ll have to wait until the video’s final chapter to witness one of the most eager choreographies your eyes have ever seen.

With that said, there are a lot of reasons why Aldous Harding is one of my new favorite artists, “The Barrel” and its visuals, are certainly creeping to the top of the list. Additionally, like Florence Welch, Bj√∂rk, Hope Sandoval, and Lykke Li before her, this artist is cutting a fascinating path all her own…



Directed by: Martin Sagadin & Aldous Harding
Cinematographer: Kirk Pflaum
Line Producer: Jessica Todd
Editor: Adam-Luka Turjak
Art Director: Nick Lowry
Costume Design: Steven Park
Make-up: Brae Toia
Camera Assistant / Gaffer: Zac Beckett Knight
Production Runner: Greta Evans

Set Photographer: Max Lester

Thanks: Adam Hattaway, Emma Grace Shine, Julia Sharp, NG Space, Thomas Barrer

Made with the support of NZ On Air

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