Suburban Dream
18. July 2019 By Walter Price 0

Foolish and faithful, SINGLE: HONEY CUTT – “Suburban Dream”

Honey Cutt – “Suburban Dream is available @ Bandcamp.

Suburban Dream

by Walter Price

It’s hard to pin the doldrums that the suburban life would perpetrate on the well-intentioned masses directly on William Levitt and his planned neighborhoods of post-war America. Or if he was even cognizant of the lingering cycles the occupants would get caught up in. Street after street of track homes all tidy in their isolated communities. Birth, school, work, death… shiny and clean.

Boston indie-rock outfit Honey Cutt’s recent single “Suburban Dream” laments on the daunting paint-by-numbers life these communities can force on its inhabitants.

Oh, I’ll be in this place all my life
In a backseat along for the ride
Yeah, I’ll be in this place all my life

I’m a suburban dream
I am a Parti Yorkie
Foolish and faithful
Proud of my leash

I’m a suburban dream
I am an ordained fantasy
Deflowered with glory
In my five-carat ring

With these sentiments wrapped up in the band’s signature catchy lo-fi garage-psych sound and vocalist Kaley Honeycutt’s apprehensively sweet delivery, it’s easy to get lost in the realness of these evergreen contemplations. Those perfectly toned landscapes of the promised good-life preached to generations of innocense.

La Dolce Vita…


Vox and guitar: Kaley Honeycutt
Bass: Ari Blut
Drums: Chris Chew

Suburban Dream

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