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…Choking on the secrets, SINGLE: KANDLE – Honey Trap

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by Walter Price

The recent sultry slowburn single, “Honey Trap”, from Vancouver rocker Kandle, is as empowering as its accompanying film is a cinematic masterstroke. The song, on the surface, is a sexy lament on overpowering false narratives and manipulating seductions. And this is easily translated to a one-sided relationship, sexual or otherwise. But I have a suspicion that the lyrics here, as with many of Kandle’s past works, go much deeper than that.

With more backstory, the songwriter has explained, “Manipulation exists in all spectrums of relationships and genders, nobody is safe from its subtle erosion and darkness. I learned of a spy tactic called Honey Trapping and realized it has probably always existed in some fashion. This is the theme I played with both lyrically and visually. When society conditions you to believe that your only assets are your body and your sexuality, the idea of using these as a tool to move forward when all other avenues are closed doesn’t seem so extreme. You start to believe it’s your choice, albeit a self-sacrificial one. Only when you start to break free, it becomes clear that you were never given a choice in the first place. We play their game until we make our own.”

You don’t remember, but I have no doubt
You started up this game of cat and mouse
On the wrong side, a score for sudden death
Hiding in the shadows, from the heat of your breath

Honey trap, wish I could take it back
Who knew it could taste so bad

Your silver tongue was your weapon of choice
My body shivers at the timbre of your voice
Running for the exit in nothing but your coat
Choking on the secrets in the back of my throat

Honey trap, wish I could take it back
Who knew it could taste so bad

A heavy track with some of the most undeniable killer guitar work and hard-hitting lyrics so far this year, this soundtrack-ready stunner is a kickass ode to taking control. And the accompanying film delivers this single’s punch into a whole new, shadowy world. Aesthetically, noir, and thematically, Blade Runner, this Brandon Fletcher-directed beauty is big, dark, and bold. Starring Keenan Tracey, the storyline is choke-full of captivating seduction, bondage, betrayal, death, and possibly getting away with it all…You’ll have to watch it a few times to catch all the detailed brilliance Fletcher jammed into this 4-minute indie-film. It’s worth every view. And not to forget, watching Kandle and The Wiccs rock n roll in this music video will take you back to the glory days of riot grrl! Kudos to all.

“Honey Trap” is taken from the forthcoming album Set the Fire, which is expected this Spring. And you can stream it now at the GTC.

KANDLE – Honey Trap

Artist photo by John Londono Jumpsuit: Boutique Lustre Hair & Make up Carole Méthot

Written by Kandle Osborne
Produced by Michael Rendall and Kandle Osborne
Engineered by Dave “Rave” Ogilvie”
Assisted by Liam Moes
Mixed by Michael Rendall & Dave “Rave” Ogilvie
Mastered by Brock McFarlene CPS Mastering
Recorded at Hipposonic Studio

Vocals – Kandle Osborne
BVs – (The Wiccs) Louise Burns/Kendel Carson/Debra-Jean Creelman
Drums/Percussion – Nik Pesut
Bass/Guitar – Dave Genn
Lead Guitar – Kandle Osborne
Piano/Wurli/Strings/Organ – Michael Rendall

The Film
Directed by Brandon Fletcher
Feat. Keenan Tracey, Kandle, Louise Burns, Kendel Carson, Tess Ananda


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Rock and roll has always been a vehicle for heavy themes set to fierce, visceral beats. I wrote “Honey Trap” in a euphoria of newfound freedom after having been trapped in a toxic and manipulative power struggle.” – Kandle

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