Sharkk Heartt
10. March 2021 By Walter Price 0

…I wanna be, SHARKK HEARTT – Work Fires

Sharkk Heartt – Work Fires is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

Sharkk Heartt

by Walter Price

Tucson-based songwriter/producer Sharkk Heartt [Lara Ruggles], like many of us of late, has had a rough go of things. But she has taken her woes and crafted a set of songs that “…deal with things in the world on a larger scale,”. And her recent finger-snapping single, “Work Fires”, is a seductive Lorde-esque ode to forbidden office romances. Or is it?

The idea for the song came from a particularly different circumstance, but the open to interpretation song was born regardless. As the lore goes, Ruggles was set to meet a friend, a music manager, but this person had to cancel due to being in the weeds at work, or ‘work fire’, as he put it. “He’d gotten caught up in a work fire. I had this fleeting, petulant thought of ‘I want to be one of your work fires.’ And then that became this catchy phrase that I kept tossing around in my head and started to add onto while I was still on the road.”, the performer remembers.

The lo-fi track is brimming with bounce and seduction intertwined within its DIY production. Listen closely to how Sharkk Heartt uses very little to make a sound big enough to make you want to dance as you dream of romance, connectivity, and desire.

Directed by Freddy “Jay” Walker and choreographed by Chezale Rodriguez, the music video is full of playfulness as interpretive dancers beautifully tell this single’s tale. This is one of those films that cements the fact that big budgets aren’t needed if the heart, soul, and groove are all in the right places. Long live DIY!

“Work Fires” is taken from the forthcoming 7-track album, ‘Wars Our Mothers Fought’. Which is set to be released on April 16, 2021. And you can stream the new single and dance along with its video, now at the GTC.


Artist photo/quotes courtesy of Public Display PR

Wars Our Mothers Fought
Lara Ruggles: vox, keys, samples, production
Andrew Bates: bass, Work Fires, Nothing But Family, This is a Test
Tyler Sabbag: drums, Call Us What We Are
Kevin Larkin: samples & synths, production assist: Work Fires, This WIll Hurt, Nothing But Family
Jillian Bessett, Noa Martucci, Nikita Wolff, Stells di Rossi, Misty Tea: backup vox, Call Us What We Are

Work Fires, video
Choreographed by Chezale Rodriguez
Directed by Freddy “Jay” Walker
Cinematography by Avai D’Amico

Kevin Hainline
Na-il Ali Emmert
Andrea Connolly
Emily Truman
Taylor Eason
Terry McCants
Betsy Ganz
Nanette Knight
Micheila Karringten

Sharkk Heartt

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I was questioning the hell out of myself. I was writing songs that were bigger than me, finally – that dealt with things in the world on a larger scale than just me and my own emotional experience. These songs gave me purpose in a time when I had lost the thread.” – Lara Ruggles

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