K Michelle DuBois
20. September 2019 By Walter Price 0

Ocean is your escape, SINGLE: K MICHELLE DUBOIS – “Waves Break”

K Michelle DuBois – Waves Break is available @ Apple Music.

Michelle DuBois

by Walter Price

Does your heart forever belong to the hallowed new wave/pop sounds of the 80s? What about a sound that’s a nice blend of what Duran Duran and Siouxsie Sioux enticed you with back in their heyday? What about if you add a pinch of weighty/poetic lyrics, the sort Peter Murphy could cut your soul up with? Then you’re in luck, Georgia indie artist K Michelle DuBois’ recent single “Waves Break” has just about everything your lil bedazzled ticker could ask for.

You’re fearless and I’m here
You know where the sharks prey
I keep you close to my chest
You know where the bodies lay

She rides fierce waves
When they break
She’s headed out again
And I was there
I saw it when you lost the blues
Ocean is your escape

Deep thoughts wrapped in a retro pop cacoon and a DIY video allowing the performer to wear sequins on the beach. Yeah, all in all, this is a cool keep-the-summer-going song. And you can check out the vid below and then add the track to your weekend playlist. We have at the GTC WKND SPIN.


Video Production – Ally Land.
Dan Dixon – Guitars and Production
Chandler Rentz – Drums and Percussion
K Michelle DuBois – Vocals and Keys

K Michelle DuBois

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