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14. April 2018 By Walter Price 0

FRESH VIDEO: Johnny Marr – “The Tracers” from Call the Comet

Johnny Marr – Call the Comet is available for pre-order on iTunes.

johnny marr

by Walter Price


I am always perplexed when some folks of the newer generation have no knowledge of the influence, contributions, and spectacular culture created by the jangly guitar sounds and generations defining words of Johnny Marr and The Smiths co-conspirator johnny marrSteven P. Morrissey. Alas,  my concerns have limitations.

Marr, on the other hand, has no limits when it comes to reinventing himself. Not in total extreme makeover mode, but enough to stay current if not a bit beyond. With his new single, “The Tracers”, Marr and Co modernize a sound that Echo & the Bunnymen and the like made famous years ago. Not in mimicry fashion, but in a this is now and what was can be just as great if not better today.

Hiding his famous guitar style just under a hard rhythm, and driving beat, “The Tracers”, is solid proof Marr is as timeless and new as any legend can ever wish to be. Takes notes up and comers.

The track comes from his newest solo album, Call the Comet, out June 15, 2018.



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Video directed by Mat Bancroft and Johnny Marr.


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