First Aid Kit
15. April 2018 By Walter Price 0

First Aid Kit Mesmerize on Jimmy Kimmel Live – “Fireworks”

oFirst Aid Kit – Ruins is available on iTunes.

first aid kit

by Walter Price


First Aid Kit (Johanna and Klara Söderberg) are well known for their beautifully tactile approaches to melody, harmonies and lyric construction. And their recent single, “Fireworks”, is maybe their best to date. A throwback to the 1960’s AM Radio soulful sounds of Roy Orbison, The Platters, and the Everly Brothers. Is “Fireworks” a song about unrequited love or is it a song about said love having slipped into the depths of the past? Like any great pop tune, as a listener, it is open to interpretations. I liken it to the before mentioned Everly Brother’s Boudleaux Bryant written classic “All I Have To Do Is Dream”. Dreamy, wistful, and romantic.

Why do I do this to myself
Every time I know the way it ends
Before it’s even begun
I am the only one at the finish line

I took a trip out to the frozen lake
And you felt so far away
But I could feel it washing over me
There’s no escaping, the harsh light of day

The sibling duo took their ode to the past single to Jimmy Kimmel and it was truly a gem to behold.



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