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…despite the truth, JIANTS – Some Kind of Loser

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by Walter Price

If you’re a fan of the sounds of Keane, Travis, Band of Horses, and even The Smithereens, then the recent EP, ‘Wait Here’, from Toronto’s JIANTS will find its deserved place in your alt-rock collection. And to get you acquainted with the 4-track set, there’s no better place to start, than the start. Track one, “Some Kind of Loser”.

We’ve all had that moment or moments when we realize that we’ve been spending far too much time and energy dwelling on a situation or chasing a dream. Maybe to the point, you’re feeling a bit embarrassed and perhaps confused. That’s the origin story of the sonically linear and lyrically introspective single.

As the following prepared quote, attributed to songwriter Jesse Landen, explains, “I was half-joking around thinking about how much time and energy I was spending obsessing over music stuff and feeling like a bit of a dork. I think everyone can relate to that in some way. But that’s when it dawned on me that sometimes you might just have to learn to enjoy the rollercoaster because I knew that I was always going to continue making and sharing music, regardless of the results.”

Two kinds of truth tend to come along,
You cite the rules that you’re living, know that I can’t go
The way that you know back home.

You fight the view and you see me wrong
Despite the truth can’t you hear me saying
I can’t go. Just know that I won’t.

And I will always be some kind of loser to you, cuz that’s all you want to see
I will always be some kind of loser through the lens that you point at me…

As “Some Kind of Loser” is delivered in a lush slowburn that lets the emotion seep through, don’t let this song’s vibes trick you into pigeonholing the remaining 3 tracks on this album. This well-rounded EP is jampacked with tons of stellar alt-rock in varying energies But there are two things that are constant. First, the lyrics throughout are above brilliant and personal, and secondly, the musicianship is that of arena-worthy pros.

You can stream the full ‘Wait Here’ EP as well as see the film, directed by Hart Dylan Webster, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook

All songs written by Jesse Landen performed by Jiants

produced/mixed/engineered by Gavin Gardener at All Day Coconut studio in Toronto.

Jesse Landenon – vocals/guitar,
Adam Kesek – bass
Joe Delfin – lead guitar
Sam Cohen – drums

Directed by: Hart Dylan Webster
Cinematography by: Christina Borgs
Produced by: Jesse Landen
Executive produced by The Film Board
Production Co-ordinater: Jackie Marculescu
Production Assistant / Script co-ordinator: Danny Bridger


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As much as “Some Kind of Loser” is about charting your own path, these lyrics reflect on how it would ultimately be beneficial learning to work together and respect each other’s paths.” – bio

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