Lungs And Limbs
13. December 2015 By Walter Price 0

Lungs And Limbs Lifelike

Lungs And LimbsWouldn’t you know you still look pretty…

by Walter Price


They had me at the opening thumping beat under a light twinkling and first few lines from vocalist Karina Rousseau on EP opener “So Sweet”. There is a revamped late 80s early 90s alt rock power. Not a facsimile but like when you read a book as does your mate and you have opposing theories on chapter 12. It is great to meet in the middle and let the properties work themselves out. As does San Francisco’s DIY Lungs And Limbs on their ultra-plush pop-rock Lifelike, a selfrelease.  Plush is too soft perhaps due to the guitar work working enough retro know how ranging from Genesis, Yes and pick a track from your fave Talking Heads’ album. There is genius in this as with the electro side bringing or taking the participant back to the days when you knew you loved a film because of the soundtrack. This isn’t a weird album; it is inviting and comfortable with plenty enchantment in and out of strong lyrics telling familiar tales. You will dig this; go get lost in it for a spell.


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Karina Rousseau
Nick Tudor
Matt Power
Chris Casey


Mixed, mastered and engineered by Nick Tudor at their own Make It Work Studios in Occidental, CA


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