Jamey johnson that lonesome song
8. June 2016 By Walter Price 0

High Lonesome: Jamey Johnson

Jamey johnson that lonesome songI’m hummin’ on that lonesome song again…


by Walter Price


There are those songs that accentuate those long dark moments in mental or actual smokey barrooms with ancient jukeboxes soundtracking your every sullen twisty moaning thought. Life is a cranky son-of-a and songs are the only way, the only true friend anyone really has…Time to get into a ‘high-lonesome’ with…


Jamey Johnson – “That Lonesome Song”


What the hell did I do last night?
That’s the story of my life,
Like tryin’ to remember words
To a song nobody wrote

Johnson’s 2007 and 2008 release says it all and the album itself is an entire ‘High-lonesome’ collection. As you remember the release is famously known for the beautiful tearjerker military hero recollections story-line of a track ‘In Color”. But it is the title track that takes us to that morning after where memories,thoughts and questions linger…

Been there, too many time to care to mention…

And it’s sad and it’s long
And can’t nobody sing along
It’s a south bound train
It’s a whistle in the wind
Ain’t no one there to care where I’ve been
I’m hummin’ on that lonesome song again


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