Feral Conservatives
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3 Reasons Why Feral Conservatives

Feral Conservatives

foto by Beth Austin

Meet me round the corner, I’ll be waiting….

by Walter Price


In just a handful of years Virginia Beach’s Feral Conservatives have captivated indie connoisseurs, myself included.. The group’s pilots Rashie Rosenfarb and Matt Francis have reminded me from the get-go of the glory days, the early years of the alternative rock movement when the college radio underground started penetrating the mainstream. But I can not recall a moment when I thought this band was a facsimile of their forebears, but rather a standalone DIY outfit mixing and matching influences in a journey of creating something fresh and tangible.

feral conservatives musicThe band have formed what I would refer to as their signature sound and continue to prosper and deliver, not just in sounds, but in music videos as well. You’ll find their visual work is mostly in-house affairs further exemplifying their dedication to their art and career path.

Speaking of; Feral Conservatives have a new Matt Francis directed video for their track “Round The Corner” taken from their Here’s To Almost release (via Egghunt Records), but before you get into that video; let’s have a brief look at the YouTube history Feral Conservatives.

Here are 3 Reasons Why, plus the new video for “Round The Corner”.


Published on Dec 18, 2012


Published on Aug 16, 2013


Published on Jul 29, 2014


NEW VIDEO: “Round The Corner”

Published on Jun 6, 2016

Feral Conservatives 

Rashie Rosenfarb, Matt Francis, Dan Avant, Zach Jones

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Article foto by Beth Austin: Rock ‘n’ Roll Photographer



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