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10. June 2016 By Walter Price 0

Strobegirl Heaven Today 2016

Strobegirl music You touch my hand and my heart beats faster…


by Walter Price


Those songs that invite you in and hold you tight from the first few words are those songs that become instant personal favorites. A few years back UK’s Strobegirl released a dreamy indie pop track “Heaven Today” that did just that for me; and as this is now, she has gone and reworked the track into a new synth-ier version and it is a brillant delight.


“When I was a girl I was always first on and last off the dance floor! I’m more of a woman now but ‘Strobewoman’ doesn’t sound as good. I bet she would make an awesome super hero though!” – Strobegirl


The revamped version is a slightly darker lush soundtrack cradling Heather’s eager yearnings and it simply holds the listener hostage, willingly. The thing about synth-pop is that their is a lot of it in varying degrees of story-lines, if there is even a story at all. “Heaven Today” tells a tale and leaves questions  as well. Who is the object of desire and how does it all work out in the end for the narrator? Very cinematic.



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