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4. May 2021 By Walter Price 0

…Everything is ok, LEARNING CURVE – Crack A Smile

Learning Curve – Crack A Smile is available at Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music.

Learning Curve

by Walter Price

Call it what you will, power-pop, emo, pop-punk, or the like, but what the recent single “Crack A Smile” from Cleveland duo Learning Curve [Alex Christian/Erick Smyczek] is, is a solid alt-rock charmer. Angst and perseverance, a real ‘I can do this shit’ anthem with early 2000s Warped Tour era vibes and plenty of downbeat singalong cool. A sonic boost of willpower.

Fuck all my problems
I threw them away
I reciprocate the energy I receive
I’ll never leave my sheets
Until I’m buried six feet deep
If only that cliff had just a few more feet
What’s the point of wasting my life
I’m never gonna get to live it twice
Crack a smile
Everything is ok
Laughing out loud
Everything is ok
When will I convince myself
That I’m alright

And to heap on more well-deserved praise, check out the ET / pandemic-inspired music video. Production by In Bloom Production and starring the most adorable pooch as ‘the Creature’ is a well-done ode to getting away with it. The single, the film, altogether are a brilliant result for a band on the rise.

“Crack A Smile” is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP ‘Centerpiece’, produced by Steve Perrino and expected Friday, May 7, 2021. Before then, you can stream the single and see the video, now at the GTC.


Band photo by Samantha Skapin

Alex Christian
Erick Smyczek

Directed by In Bloom Productions
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Steve Perrino

Artwork by Samantha Skapin

learning curve

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We’re figuring it out…” – LC

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