Madisyn Whajne
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Madisyn Whajne – Save My Heart [Save Our Hearts, LP] is available at Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music.

Madisyn Whajne

by Walter Price

The highly acclaimed late 2020 LP. ‘Save Our Hearts’, from Toronto songwriter Madisyn Whajne, isn’t lost in time per se, but there’s plenty of ethereal dream-pop intertwined, new wave along with the darker parts of post-punk vibes throughout. With heeps of palpable heartbreak, coping, regret and perseverance sewed into the 11-track’s fabric that’ll have fans of Echo & the Bunnymen, Cocteau Twins, and Beach House feeling right at home.

Comparisons aside, each track here is an enthralling picturesque vignette. As the brilliantly done production allows Whajne’s words to float and linger, never too hurried. Rather, letting the weight of the lyrics breathe and soak deeply into the listener’s limbic system. And it’s certainly not an easy task to single out any particular song on this cohesive LP. But I do understand that you’re in a hurry so if you want to get yourself introduced to this release before you fully commit, may I suggest the following.

The breezy jangle of the opener, “Summer Love“, the hints of 1960s AM radio feel of “Sweet Talk“, the pointed slow-burn of “Dagger“, or perhaps the John Hughes soundtrack ready “Never Give In” will start your week off nicely. But for me, I’d start off with the earthy lushness of the sweeping “Save My Heart”. This song really sticks to the soul with its whispery vocals, with enough space between the notes and words that feel like they materialized in a dream.

You can stream the full album as well as the amongst the trees music video for “Save My Heart” (kudos to whoever carted that piano into that clearing), now at the GTC.

MADISYN WHAJNE – Save Our Hearts

+ Save My Heart

Cover photography by Jen Squires

Recorded and Engineered by Howard Bilerman and Shae Brossard at Hotel2Tango in Montreal
Additional recording by Jay McBride at E5 Studios in Toronto and Mississauga
Additional recording on “When Morning Comes” by Basia Bulat in Montreal
Mixed by Shae Brossard at Hotel2Tango
Mastered by Harris Newman at Gray Market Mastering in Montreal
All songs, written by Madisyn Whajne, James Gray, Jay McBride, and Bobby Bulat

Produced by Madisyn Whajne and Jay McBride

Madisyn Whajne

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I think it’s important to remind yourself how strong you are, to remember that you can get hurt and still keep standing on your own two feet. Even when you lose someone you love, you can still carry on and bring a piece of them with you.” – M. Whajne

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