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James Harries: The More Yoy Know

By Claudia Price

Three things that are still on your bucket list?
I just had to google “bucket list”. A saying I’d never heard. Comes from a film I’ve never seen. Should I go see it? 3 things to do before I die?..No pressure then…errggghh…..not get sick, learn to play the piano properly, be a good dad.

Three songs that are gonna be part of your life forever?
I only get 3?? I’m too old for just 3. First 3 I can think of (and there are many more for many different reasons)

Sad-eyed Lady of the Lowlands – Bob Dylan
Queen Bitch – David Bowie
Sally Cinnamon – Stone Roses
Worst venue/ city you have played in?
ha ha having played 1000s of shows the strangest always stay in your mind. There are a fair few to choose from but the oddest this year was the 1st date of the Polish leg of the January tour (up North near the Baltic). I played a charity event outdoors on pretty much the back of a wagon to a city-square full of people (most of whom were drunk —- I was invited because I’d had a song of mine used on a popular advert in Poland so it gets even stranger). It was about -15 Celsius and they’d rigged up these dodgy looking gas heaters right next to me so I wouldn’t freeze while playing (though I couldn’t feel my fingers and I was worried I’d lose my voice for the rest of the tour singing in that temperature.). Just to make it a little more eventful someone I guess had spilt something on the “stage” and it was like an ice-rink. In the end the people seemed to enjoy it but it was mad. Then right after I’d finished they carried on this pig to be auctioned off. Weird. The town was lovely though at least (from what I saw…I didn’t hang about much…I couldn’t feel my feet) and it was funny. You’ve always got to see the funny side of it.

I prefer to remember the great shows.

Would you leave your phone at home for at least one day?
Yes!!! I have a smart phone and I made a record on it and it’s handy when travelling for email etc. but I’d much rather not have a phone at all. It eats up my time for other things (I’m terrible). Before I got it I was without a mobile for a few weeks. Bliss.

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