9. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Pop Isn’t Country: Meet Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson, The Honky Tonk Kid, is an Amarillo, TX native and is as polished musically as you can find in Texas music. That does not mean he is a glammed-up country pop machine produced by major labels to make zillions of bucks. What it means is this man knows his craft and works hard to make his music resonate with his audience. Aaron Watson is someplace in between George Strait and Alan Jackson in his style with enough outlaw country mixed in to make what he’s doing as authentic as your going to find.

Mr. Watson is keeping pure country alive. Whether it be Texas, Across America or in Europe this man is on a mission to maintain traditional music.

“As I listen to Alan Jackson it makes me sad that Nashville has drifted far from its roots. His songs have integrity, class & are timeless!”    –Aaron Watson

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