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6. November 2014 By Walter Price 0

J.P. Kallio – ‘November’

“This is not a Christmas song as much as just an observation of that time of the year. I don’t want to take that “joyous” time of the year away from any one. I ask you to sit back, listen and think just for a second. Maybe, just maybe sometimes in the middle of all the flashing lights, Santa hats, TV and radio commercials we forget what it is all about.- J.P. KallioJ.P. Kallio Northern Boy

Featured Artist: J.P. Kallio

J.P. Kallio


J.P. Kallio is more than a familiar name round these parts of the web. The Dublin based Finnish raw delivery and straight form the soul singer-songwriter, prolific blogger and guzzler of fine coffees is nearing the end of his promise to write, record and release a new song every week in 2014. We haven’t done an exact count but we assume this week he’ll release track number 45!

The second track that Kallio released in his quest was ‘November’ which came out this past January (subsequently on the album Northern Boy) and it speaks about the ‘true’ meaning of the holidays which is interesting because when this song was released it was post-Christmas and now with the year drawing to an end the song has a fresh video for this year’s holiday thoughts.

Full circle.Take some time out of your burgeoning consumerism this festive time of year and do a little soul searching.

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