Ilkercan Kandur
28. May 2018 By Walter Price 0

Best Of Spotify May 2018: Ilker Kandur – Fantasy (EP)

Ilker Kandur is also available on iTunes.

Ilker Kandur

by Walter Price


The days of solid songwriting and stellar guitar licks cherished by fans of bands like Old 97’s, Pavement, Hüsker Dü and The Replacements still thrive. A grand example of newer alt-rock power is San Francisco’s Kandur. Led by the band’s namesake, Istanbul native and star on the rise, Iker Kandur. Their 2017 4-track EP Fantasy is everything that was, is even better and as relevant now. Taking elements of classic rock, blues, metal, and 90s college scenes culminating in a concoction of pure dynamite. Teaming up with drummer, Dawn Richardson (4 Non Blondes), this release is an examination of brilliantly produced and written rock. Stout and melodic, Fantasy is just what your modern rock heart is hankering for.

BONUS: You can check out the Apo W Bazidi directed video for “Sail Away” below the following Spotify playlist.


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