I Promise claire george
16. October 2021 By Walter Price 0

PLAY IT AGAIN! …never let you down, CLAIRE GEORGE – I Promise

Claire George – I Promise [The Land Beyond The Light LP, pre-order] is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

I promise claire george

by Walter Price

The brilliant LA crafter of era traveling indie pop, Claire George, returns with a fragile new stunner, “I Promise”. The getting through it rollercoaster of a song is a balance between the song’s lo-fi R&B vibe and the weight of the songwriter’s lived experiences. And George’s knack for lyric construction that allows her songs to be interpreted from many angles isn’t lost on this bedroom-pop track.

And this is yet another song cementing George as one of the top pop songwriters in the genre…

You’re stuck in your head, you’re stuck in your bed, and you won’t get out of it
You’re worried about all the shit they said, and you’ve had enough of it

Well darling you’re the best part of the party, and I won’t RSVP unless you are here with me

When it falls apart you feel at fault somehow
You think you’ve lost your way, head fills with doubt
Well come on take my hand, I’ll help you out
I swear I’ll pull you up, I’ll never let you down

And when I promise, I promise to help you out, out
And when I follow, I follow so you won’t fall down, down
And when I promise, I promise to help you out, out
And when I follow, I follow so you won’t fall down, down

The music video, directed by Brian Charles Lehrer, is an intimate affair. The storyteller, on a bed, a microphone in hand, in a silk robe as the track’s vulnerability becomes even more evident. Begging many questions about the origin of this beautifully heavy new single. And there within lies, the magic of keep em’ guessin’.

“I Promise’ is from the forthcoming 9-track LP, ‘The Land Beyond The Light‘, expected May 21, 2021, via Cascine Records. If you’re a fan of the songwriting of Holiday Sidewinder, Loud Forest, and/or Jas Frank, then get this one on your favorite I’ll persevere playlist.

And you can stream the single and see its film, now at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook

Written, produced, and performed by Claire George

Vocal engineering by Daniel Lynas, Jasmine Chen, and Kyle Mangels
Mixing and additional production by David Burris
Mastering by Shawn Hatfield

Album artwork by Linda Westin
Album and poster design by Alexander Madrid
Poster photo by Symrin Chawla
Poster photo art direction by Leah Lehrer

I Promise claire george

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By the time Claire debuted her first solo material in 2018, she had already made a name for herself as a topliner, contributing vocal features to a number of electronic and dance artists. Intent on learning how to make her own music, in the winter of that year Claire decamped to the woods outside of her hometown in Seattle and spent weeks teaching herself audio production, taking classical piano lessons, and honing her songwriting skills.” – bio

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