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…beat them at their own game, MOLLY NILSSON Absolute Power

Molly Nilsson – Absolute Power (single) is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Dark Skies Association.

Molly Nilsson

by Walter Price

In an approaching post-pandemic world, there is no excuse not to seize the day, take control, determine your own narrative. And the recent crawling single, “Absolute Power”, by the multi-faceted Molly Nilsson is here to soundtrack your new, well deserved, empowerment.

The churning post-punk gloom-pop arrangement feels dystopian, but the lyrics are about strength and the yin and yang create a song that’ll fuel many late shadowy nights reversing what was once perceived as the norm.

It’s me,
vs. the Blackhole at the centre of the Galaxy
Who we are vs. Who we’d like to be
Get ready for the Fight of the Century

Come on and get excited
Everyone’s invited
It gets closer by the hour
Here we go,
Absolute Power

Throw your dice and cast your spells
Hoping everything will turn out well
But the fight is always fixed
and the results remain the same
You know you can’t win
trying to beat them at their own game

Alone at last, without a future without a past
Full of freedom in its vacancy
Get ready for the Fight of the Century

“Absolute Power” invites everyone to forge a new begging, and it’s quite a strong, encouraging statement throughout this stark lo-fi anthem.

The accompanying music video, created by Graw Böckler and Nilsson, is a black and white German urban Rocky-esque work of art. A balance of contrary forces, dark and brooding landscapes set against words of taking control of one’s new self are a perfect sequence of images for a song that’ll compel you to forgo complacency.

The single is taken from the forthcoming ‘Extreme’ LP, expected on January 22, 2022, via DARK SKIES ASSOCIATION and
NIGHT SCHOOL RECORDS. But before then, you can stream “Absolute Power” and see its striking film, now at the GTC.

MOLLY NILSSON Absolute Power

Artist photo by Graw Böckler

Performer, writer: Molly Nilsson

Film by Graw Böckler and Molly Nilsson

Molly Nilsson

facebook // website

“Extreme is Molly Nilsson’s tenth studio album. Recorded in 2019 and throughout the 2020 global pandemic at home in Berlin, Extreme is a departure for Nilsson, an explosion of angry love. It’s an album of anthems for the jilted generation, soaked with joy and offering solace, bristling with distorted, Metal guitars and planet-sized choruses that bring light to the dark centre of the galaxy. It’s an album of the times, by the times, and for the people. It’s a record about power. About how to fight it, how to take it, and how to share it.” – bio

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