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Hot Metal Injection

By Alle Royale

I was born a metalhead, no doubt about it; everything started in 1986, the A.D. for my existence, not only as a music lover and musician, but as a human being. Once a metalhead, always a metalhead; It doesn’t matter if, through the years, you explore new musical grounds and embrace other musical genres, when you hear the guitar chugging and those screams you can’t help but feeling thirteen and alive again and forever.
I have noticed a huge pile of singer/songwriters on The GTC pages and thought the site needed a hot metal injection. I have made a list of precious gems of the heavy metal genre, five tracks on the path to Valhalla, five steps on the stairway to heaven of air guitar; so these are my choices as they come to my mind randomly and casually.
Accept – Midnight Mover (1985)
I still remember the first time I saw this video; it was pre-internet era when you had to sit in front of the TV set hoping for a sign from the gods of heavy metal in form of some casual music video. I was not so familiar with these Germans back then, but this riff is mentally good and the chorus section hooked me since the first listen; add to the equation the voice of Mr. Udo Dirkschneider, a sort of mad Donald Duck with a distortion box down the jugular, and you could easily picture why, even after some 28 years, this was the first choice coming to my mind.

Unfortunately Germany’s GEMA has blocked this track. If you live outside of Germany click HERE to check out this Accept classic.
Manowar – Fast Taker (1982)
Don’t be silly, “Battle Hymns”, Manowar’s first record, is simply one of HM milestones, and a damn heavy one. The four horsemen from New York had it all: a singer with lungs of steel, a guitar player that could melt your stereo with an epic, incendiary fretwork, a drummer with sticks like hammers and a bass player who believed to be the leading instrument of the band…perfection!

Unfortunately Germany’s GEMA has blocked this track. If you live outside of Germany click HERE to check out this Manowar classic.


Racer X – Heart Of A Lion  (1987)
Judas Priest wrote this one, so it has to be good! The reason why Racer X recorded it first is that Rob Halford and Jeff Martin, Racer X’s singer, were “really close” friends at the time; I cannot figure out who could have been the one screaming higher in those “friendly” meetings…the heart of lion, indeed.

Anthrax – Metal Thrashing Mad (1984)
Every kid in the world came to know Anthrax when singer Joey Belladonna, in my opinion one of the most talented singer of the metal genre, joined the band and masterpieces like “Spreading The Disease” and the seminal “Among The Living” were born. But the album I keep closer to my heart is “Fistful Of Metal”, their very first with singer Neil Turbin, and this song shows exactly what a youthful, dangerous, energetic heavy metal hymn is all about.

Unfortunately Germany’s GEMA has blocked this track. If you live outside of Germany click HERE to check out this Anthrax classic.

Crimson Glory– Red Sharks (1988)
Picture this: a silver masked five piece band from Sarasota, preaching about the looming menace of communism in the cold war years, who got their message turned into pub singing fights between metal kids trying hard to imitate singer Midnight’s impressive high pitched screams to the point of making their testicles explode…epic.

You’ve Been Injected…