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6. October 2017 By Walter Price 2

In Her Own Words: Stevie Nicks on her 1981 relationship with Fleetwood Mac

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“I was most frightened when we finished this last one-year Fleetwood Mac world tour, relationship &because when I decided I had to stop living in the world of rock & roll. That had nothing to do with drugs or anything like that; it had to do with the fact that my life was completely and undeniably wrapped up in Fleetwood Mac. You can call in sick to a job, a boyfriend, even a husband, but you cannot call in sick to Fleetwood Mac–ever. If you have that kind of commitment, you can never really have any other plans for your fife. I’ve had many relationships in the last six, seven years, starting with Lindsey [Buckingham; her latest is with Jimmy Iovine.] A year in Fleetwood Mac can put a knife in the heart of any relationship because there are a lot of egos. And in relationships, I tend to cop out and say, ‘I don’t have the time! I’m too nervous! I have to get ready for a show!’ Men who would like to take me out, I see it in their faces: ‘Boy, is this a job!'”



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(quotes comes from the Timothy White interview for Rolling Stone, September 3,1981)


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