Hot Club of Cowtown
17. September 2019 By Walter Price 0

Suns gonna shine, SINGLE: HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN – “Tall Tall Ship” [Wild Kindom, LP]

Hot Club of Cowtown – Wild Kingdon is available @ their Gift Shop.

Hot Club of Cowtown

by Walter Price

The readers of the GTC pages usually tend to run on the younger side and it’s hard to gauge if younger generations are familiar with the Western Swing legacy that legends “Pappy” O’Daniel, Bob Wills and Hank Thompson forged and carried forward by artists like Ray Benson, Straight, Wayne Hancock and Hot Club Of Cowtown.

The later in this grouping, Hot Club Of Cowtown, have returned with a brilliantly rooted-in-the-past new full-length, ‘Wild Kingdom’, that spans a wide swath of hallowed sounds. Jazz, boogie-woogie, and, of course, Western Swing, to name a few. Is it oldfashioned? Yes, it is indeed. And therein lies the beauty. Straightforward, gimmick-free, production and songs that will move you, both on the dance floor and the soul.

Their single “Tall Tall Ship” is a bright Andrews Sisters-esque song with unforgettable harmonies and a dosey doe inducing drive. Vocalist/violinist, Elana James, is quoted in Billboard, “Most of my relationship songs have been about longing, heartbreak, screwed-up things, and on this one I wanted to write a song that’s a reflection of pure joy and optimism…and hopefully let the factual reality come as a follow-up,”

You can stream the new track and the band’s jazzy classic, “Home”, from their 2002 ‘Ghost Train’ LP, below.


Album photo by Valerie Fremin, digital adaptation by Olivier Giraud / Article band photo by Ryan Saul @ Saul Creative

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