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16. September 2019 By Walter Price 0

Tell the whole story, SINGLE: ADAM FOSTER – “Hotel Nowhere” [Dirty City, LP]

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adam foster

by Walter Price

The raw, lo-fi production of Nashville singer-songwriter Adam Foster’s recent single “Hotel Nowhere” holds a certain je ne sais quoi. Imagine how you felt as you listened to early Young, Petty or Mark Oliver Everett songs. Experiencing that initial intensity of the artist wanting to be heard, crafting their sound, as they sit in a bare room going emotionally all in, staring at a recording device as the air in the room fills the gaps.

On this track, the lyrics aren’t sunny, they aren’t all that hopeful. The storyteller is at a crossroads of sorts, perhaps trying to find a path to make amends, move forward as the chaos of noise, location, and an unknown future stands in the way. But as daunting as that may come across, there is a beauty in the honest and tactile emotions coming from the chords and verses. For me, cementing the notion that Adam Foster is a songwriter to keep an eye on.

You’re staring down from the hotel nowhere/ You’re staring down to the streets below/ You’re stuck inside, but you want to wander/ You’re stuck inside, feeling so alone.

There’s a TV talking in the corner/ There’s a TV spying on the world/
There’s a show made up of people fighting/ There’s a show where people act so cruel.

They talk about you like you’re dearly departed/ They talk about all you’re crazy dreams.

If you have to leave here in the morning/ if you have to find your way back home. If you go, will you tell the whole story?/ Or will you lie to appear grown?

“Hotel Nowhere” is from the album ‘Dirty City’, via Stereotrash Records. Stream it below.


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