Heartbreak Hollywood
30. April 2019 By Walter Price 0

California Dreamin’: LADYSSE – “Heartbreak Hollywood” (single)

Ladysse – “Heartbreak Hollywood” is available, now @ iTunes.

Heartbreak Hollywood

by Walter Price


 Fresh off her stunning EP, ‘Not the One’ (a GTC Top 5 of 2018), Ladysse (Stephanie Lauren), drops a true indie-pop-smash “Heartbreak Hollywood”. A track lamenting the realities of the California dream. “It’s basically a playful way to stand up for friends who have fallen into the drama and stresses that can stem from the lights of Hollywood”, says Lauren.

Recorded in Nashville with producing duo Skyline Brigade, the track starts with a noisy sense of impending doom, which sets the tone of this darker side of bright lights, big city ode. A warning of sorts Ladysse explains, “I try and paint a vivid picture of what comes to my mind. I wanted people to get a feel of the dim lit bars of perfect people enjoying fake conversations haha! It sounds so dreary but that’s the point! Behind the glamour, show and beauty of the West Coast dreamland is a lot of struggle, competition, and crushed dreams. I wanted people to feel the darkness in this as well as the hope that no matter what your struggle is, you’re not the only one.”

No doubt, this single is will further cement Stephanie Lauren’s ascension to Popstar royalty.

If you dig Chvrches, New Spell, and/or Holiday Sidewinder….get this track on your Summertime playlist.




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